FireShare Privacy Policy

This policy is intended to help you understand what information the FireShare plugin collects, how that information is used, and to help you make informed decisions when using the FireShare software.

FireShare Server

The FireShare Server coordinates peers based on visited URLs. In order to do this, the FireShare Plugin sends visited URLs in combination with the clients IP address and port that the software is running on to the coordination server.

FireShare Plugin

The FireShare Plugin sends and receives URLs from peers. The information sent to peers is similar to the information shared with the FireShare server. In the FireShare network, peers have the ability to see which IP address is associated with which URLs.

Academic Information

The FireShare plugin has the ability to transmit some usage data back to the FireShare server for academic study. The information transmitted does not contain all visited and peer shared URLs. Instead, each URL is represented by an integer. Any suggested URLs (also represented by an integer) that the FireShare Plugin suggests to the client are also included in this report.

The academic information is optional and not required for the FireShare Plugin to work correctly. Clients not wishing to participate in this study can disable testing information by 1st opening the FireShare preferences and then deselecting the appropriate check box on the "Academic" tab of the preferences dialog.

How is collected information used

The FireShare server uses collected IP address and URLs to help coordination peers. Study on usage patterns will be done to further enhance the FireShare network. No information is shared with any 3rd party. Study of URL patterns are not combined with any client personal information.

The FireShare Plugin uses received URLs to find patterns that may be of interest to the client. No private information is shared between clients. In some cases, a client may be identified by their IP address. While the FireShare Plugin makes no effort to identify users by their IP address, it may be possible for another peer to acquire this information. If this is of concern to you, FireShare may not be appropriate for you to use.